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Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Well, who doesn’t…? Originally a popular quiz show aired on several networks worldwide, “who wants to be a millionaire” contestants must answer increasingly difficult questions as their prize money approaches one million dollars, the who wants to become a millionaire format quickly spread in the form of dozens of online quiz games. It is important to remember that none of these “who wants to be a millionaire” type games offers a real chance to become a millionaire as none are actually played for real money. The WWW is full of free games which allow playing a large variety of trivia games and online quizzes on topics like music, movies, math, bible, sports, history etc.  This is no longer the case; a new type of real money online quiz game shows is now becoming extremely popular and offering those who want to be millionaires the chance to do it in an online game!


While some of the games use the original who wants to be a millionaire format, there are many other types of games for those who want to become millionaires. The latest and most interesting is a multi-player quiz game, with either general knowledge questions or focusing on a specific category. In this type of game the contestants can choose the amount they want to play for. Usually they start off with rather small amounts that would take quite a lot of games if you want to win enough to become a millionaire… but the players report that the game is so thrilling that it’s just addictive and I wouldn’t be surprised if soon enough one of them does make it to be a millionaire. So if you are looking for an online trivia game where you can play and win money, I’d go for a multi-player trivia quiz show real money game, which is faster, more exciting and offers you the chance to play online trivia against real players for real cash. and other type of play wants millionaire game would always be there for us when we want to play the good old format. It is always recommended to play a no deposit bingo site such as Paddy Power Bingo or any other UK sites.

For some special and funny who want to be a millionaire moments, view our "millionaire" hall of shame. If you are looking for Holiday gift idea - check the classic Disney millionaire board game

The Millionaire UK site is coming soon. A brave film critic tries his luck in the  millionaire game movie week. If you looking for a chance to get rich, you better find your luck at or play for free with a new no deposit bingo site bonus. Here is a nice trivia game show question: Which bingo game is more popular? Mecca Deal or No Deal Bingo or Ladbrokes Deal or No Deal Bingo? When was the "are you smarter than a 5th grader" game show launched? Is "The price is right" game show related to trivia at all?  Want to  Play trivia  or  find  online trivia games?  Check out  "who wants to be a millionaire links" for our  resources to free trivia games to play trivial pursuit online.


















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